What is keeping you from loving Monday mornings because this is your one and only precious life…

Having time as a lawyer—your most precious resource—is significantly easier when you are flush with new clients and when you have all the tools they didn’t teach you in law school. To get TRACTION your practice management must be under control.

This is when you only spend a minimal amount of time on admin and marketing.

When you have top notch proper support.

When you can safely delegate and trust it will be done correctly.

When you are flush with new leads and not scrambling.

When you litigate like a pro instead of doubting yourself that tiny little bit.

This is how you are going to get your time back. Where you have a life outside the office. For yourself. Your family. Your community.

it's time for you to live your best life & start loving monday mornings.

The first step is to take the 6 minute, 9CBSL Assessment (9 Critical Business Steps for Lawyers) so you can receive your “Traction Action Plan” for the next 1/4 of the year. Get your 1/4ly plan and see what activities you should focus on each day and what activities your should temporarily postpone. Get focused. This is 100% confidential and it is currently complimentary. Scroll down the page to take the 9CBSL Assessment, it takes all of 6 minutes.


let's do this!


I am a stickler for confidentiality and will not share your information with anyone.
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The complimentary monthly, "I Love Monday Mornings" phone calls:
THE 9CBSL Assessment--9 CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILLS FOR LAWYERS ASSESSMENT. Please read the questions and decide if you strongly disagree, strongly agree or do you think you are somewhere in between. Your information is private and is only seen by you and me.
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #1: I would like to know the average number of appointments (phone or office meetings) you normally schedule in a month’s time divided by the number of new cases you obtain. Do you strongly agree that you secure enough new clients in a month's time or do you strongly disagree?
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #2: Would you agree that you have an “active" referral system in place? Do you systematically nurture this system and communicate regularly with your current and past clients as well as your COI (circle of influence) referral partners throughout the year?
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #3: At the beginning of the year, do you use a marketing calendar to first schedule all of your vacations? Next, do you engage in enough marketing activities to get consistent leads so that your practice is full? If you are getting consistent leads, that turn into phone or office visits, and your conversion rate is high enough, you should have enough business. If you don’t have enough business this means one or more things: you do not have enough exposure in front of your target market online and in person, you are not saying the right things to your target market, your website is not performing, and/or your referral system needs adjusting. Finally, do you use enough social media for your area of practice and for your areas of interest in life such as: LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Do you: Accept Speaking Engagements? Volunteer on Boards? Attend Chamber of Commerce events? Belong to Professional Associations? Attend Bar Association or Section Meetings? Attend Conferences? Etc.
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #4: Do you have marketing content to stay "top of mind" with your current clients and potential clients? This means that you have found your passion in blogging or speaking or something that you do consistently, that conveys what you offer your clients. This used to be called a newsletter but those are not widely read these days! Staying top of mind means you offer something to your clients and potential clients, so that when they need your services or when they hear about someone else needing your services, your name comes to mind and they call you.
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #5: Do you have proper staffing? Do you know how to hire, on board, give regular reviews that also increase their skills, and when necessary, fire under-performing staff. Do you put this off because it takes too much time? Do you have an organizational chart of how your business practice is set up now and a second organizational chart of how you envision your support team to look in 3, 5, and 10 years from now? Finally, if you use outside vendors perhaps someone to answer your phone, field emails, or set up appointments, have you had someone other than yourself test how well these services reflect you?
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #6: Do you have a functioning and graphically appealing website? Before we talk SEO: Does your website collect emails so you can stay in touch with your visitors for when they need you? (This is connected to #5 above.) Does it offer something of value for that email? Is 80% of your website designed about all the trials and tribulations of your visitors, and 20% or less is about you? Is the purpose of the website designed so the visitor will call you or does the visitor get lost in page after page of words? In short, does your website generate qualified leads? Moreover, does your website have a live chat feature? Are you listed on the Google My Business Maps listing so you can be easily found? And finally do you know how to manage your reputation online when you get a frustrated client who gives you 1 star?
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #7: What’s your level of happiness in life? Do you love going to work on Monday mornings? Are you freed up from doing admin and marketing work so you can be the type of lawyer you want to be? I’m guessing you want to make a difference in the world, are you doing that? Do you have enough of THE MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE in life, your time? If money were no obstacle, are you spending regular time doing the things that make you feel calm, happy, or excited? Do you laugh enough? Do you feel alive, engaged and passionate about life or are you going through the motions and exhausted? Are you living your "life's plan" so you don’t die with regrets?
CRITICAL BUSINESS SKILL #8: We all have bad habits, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Do you agree that you have most of these habits solved or do you strongly agree that most of them need adjusting? I network like a pro. I am highly focused and I know how to delegate. On average, I bring work home less than 1 time per month. When I go on vacation, I do not check my phone more than 1 time per day and someone else is on call for me. I have time for my partner and putting the kids to bed or I have time to date. I have weekly time to hit the gym, eat well, and I do not take sleeping meds for stress. I am highly efficient. I know how to block my time and am highly focused. I am not interrupted by my phone, email, texting or unscheduled meetings. I finally figured out how to be a nice “boss” to myself instead of a tyrant.
CONGRATULATIONS! You just took the first step of gathering information about what is working in your practice and where you are stalling out. You must be one of the lawyers who is committed to your practice and getting out from under because otherwise you would not have taken the time to answer the 9CBSL Assessment. High-fives to you! The results from this 9CBSL Assessment will come to you in the form of a “Traction Action Plan” that will cover the next ¼ of the year so you know exactly what to focus on each day and what activities to temporarily postpone. You will soon be done with doing admin and marketing work! Do your lawyerly work. Get traction. Live the good life. Actually, have a life. Because honestly, time’s a’wastin’, and time is your most precious resource in life. What have you already missed out on? The 9CBSL (9 Critical Business Skills for Lawyers) Assessment are the skills that all lawyers must have to get Traction; to Build, Grow and Thrive in your law practice; skills they didn’t teach you in law school. Click on the, "YES, I WANT ANSWERS" button to get your Traction Action Plan.