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Do you crave being properly supported with a team you can safely delegate to who functions on their own?

Do you long for chunks of uninterrupted time to do your lawyerly work?

Are you still getting bogged down with admin and marketing?

Are you hitting your billable hours quotient?

Do you deserve time for your family or dating; for the gym, playing music, making art, writing (not briefs!), hiking, and traveling? Pick your fancy.

I have solutions!

Your next step - Take the 9CBSL (9 Critical Business Skills FOR LAWYERS Assessment) to find out:

·       What exactly are these 9 Critical Business Skills all lawyers must have to get traction and to build & maintain a successful practice (skills they didn’t teach in law school)?

Get your results in your custom “Traction Action Plan” that will cover the next ¼ of the year so you know exactly what to focus on each day and what activities to temporarily POSTPONE.

·       Be done with doing admin and marketing work! Do your lawyerly work.

·       Become the lawyer who has the right amount of cases, proper staffing you can delegate to, and breathing space on the weekends. And, be the true visionary lawyer that you are, the one who is committed to making a difference in the world. What is ticking you off right now about sexual assault and sexual harassment laws?

·       Start living the good life. Actually, have a life. Because honestly, time’s a’wastin,’ and time is your most precious resource in life. What are you missing out on right now?

The 9CBSL is an online complimentary assessment you can take right NOW. It takes all of 6 minutes.

—-It will clarify what systems are malfunctioning in your practice so you can do what you do best, lawyerly work.

—-It will show you what activities are wasting your time.

Click the “9CBSL/Let’s Chat” link. It takes about 6 minutes to COMPLETE.

Your instant results will provide the data necessary for your “Traction Action Plan,” your step-by-step plan of what to focus on for the next ¼ of the year!

best of all, it’s 100% confidential and CURRENTLY complimentary.