What I'm passionate about.

As far back as I can remember, I have been wanting to “change the fabric of society.” When I was about 10, a babysitter told me that I would grow up and forget about my desire to make a difference in the world. Annoyed with that comment, I retorted with,

“Just watch me.”

I have been an entrepreneur for 32 years. Since I was 27. I’ve worked with all sorts of companies, from small ones under 100K to large ones over 12M.

I primarily strategize with lawyers who are stuck doing administrative or marketing work (the stuff that they didn’t teach in law school) instead of focusing on their lawyerly work. And their vision of how the world could be.

I am particularly passionate about lawyers and others who are committed to stopping the inexcusable sexual assaults especially on college campuses and the rampant sexual harassment in the workplace.

I offer the 9CBSL Assessment (9CBSL/LET’S CHAT link) and I create custom “Traction Action Plans” for the next 1/4 of the year. I also offer complimentary 30 minute I Love Monday Morning monthly conference calls. Currently these are all complimentary.

Expereince-wise, I have partnered with hedge fund owners, financial advisors, real estate companies, construction companies, bistros, hotels, healers of all kinds, and many corporate leaders who are now out on their own.

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If you're a lawyer working towards an end to sexual assault and sexual harassment, we should talk.


Shouldn't everyone get to love their Monday mornings?

If you're committed to ending gender-based discrimination, I'm guessing I share your vision of a world without sexual assault or sexual harassment.

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