What I'm passionate about…

As far back as I can remember, I have been wanting to “change the fabric of society.” When I was about 10, a babysitter told me that I would grow up and forget about my desire to make a difference in the world. Annoyed with that comment, I retorted with,

“Just watch me.”

I have been an entrepreneur for 32 years, since I was 27. I’ve worked with all sorts of companies, from small ones under 100K to large ones over 12M.

I offer leadership and business coaching and/or consulting with a particular passion for lawyers. I primarily strategize with lawyers who are stuck without ENOUGH time, or ENOUGH clients, or ENOUGH passion.

With so many balls to juggle, they don’t have chunks of uninterrupted time to crank out their lawyerly work, they are bogged down by a lack of marketing skills, meaning there is no marketing calendar. They are also often faced with no team or a team that can’t run the office properly. These are the things that a majority of law schools don’t teach. Finally, many lawyers are not practicing the type of law that excites them and is meaningful.

I am particularly passionate about lawyers and others who are committed to stopping the inexcusable sexual assaults especially on college campuses and the rampant sexual harassment in the workplace.

I offer a complimentary PDF download where you can gain 3+ hours of uninterrupted time, daily, so you can achieve 3 things:

1) a focused block of time to crank out your lawyerly work

2) time to do the things you choose each evening with your family and friends, and

3) time to talk about what is not working the way you want it to in your law firm, so you can get traction with a marketing calendar and proper staffing that will increase your revenue. You will also get a life! It’s a triple win!

Experience-wise, I have worked with lawyers for over 18 years. I have also partnered with business owners in various industries: financial management, real estate, construction, printing, credit unions, bistros, hotels, etc. I have also worked with healers of all kinds, and many corporate leaders who are now out on their own.

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If you're a lawyer working towards an end to sexual assault and sexual harassment, let’s chat.


Doesn’t everyone deserve to love their Monday mornings?

If you're committed to ending gender-based discrimination, I'm guessing I share your vision of a world without sexual assault or sexual harassment.

—-Are you at your wits end, not able to take cases that are indeed “hostile” and demonstrate a pattern of “repeated” harassment because previous cases were wrongfully dismissed or upheld by higher courts?

—-Which current laws are ticking you off? Are you so busy practicing law that you have no time to change the inadequate and unfair laws that exist?

---Are you stuck in a loop of, “He said, she said”? Or, are you worn out from yet another case with the now common defense, “But, it was consensual.” Maybe you are facing credibility issues?

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