Barry struggled during her first year as a Bacon & Wilson associate.

“I was still learning the business of law, which you don’t necessarily learn in law school,” she says. In her second year, she hired a business coach -- a practice-changing decision. “One of the things I learned was to look at what I do that I value the most, and what I need in my day to make me as efficient and happy as possible,” Barry says. Working with her coach, Barry was able to restructure her work week, building in time for marketing, returning client phone calls, and handling expected emergencies. She developed tricks to force herself to focus on the most important tasks and do those first.

The impact on her practice was astronomical. “In one year, I increased the amount of money I brought into the firm by 31 times. It was absolutely outrageous,” Barry says.

Gina Barry, Partner
Bacon and Wilson
Springfield, MA


What do I like about working with Becky?

1. She helped me find clarity and direction. It's easier to make decisions because now I know why I'm making them.

2. She helped me find and neutralize those internal gremlins that made me get in my own way.

3. She taught me to pay attention to the joy as well as the anxieties.

4. My business has taken off like a rocket.

5. She's fun, and we laugh a lot.

6. Since I started coaching, I really do love Monday mornings.

Becky is the best thing since tiramisu.

Eileen Sorrentino
Solo Practice
Chicopee, MA


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"I really enjoyed talking with Becky. She set me on a good track to leaving the firm I am with and opening up my own trial law practice. My confidence increased working with her to the point where I realized that I was able to make changes in myself that I didn’t think were possible."

Criminal Defense Lawyer
Boutique Law Firm
Boston, MA

"Becky is a joy to work with! She enabled me to step back from large, close issues and see the greater perspective. This allowed me to focus on the important things in life by prioritizing matters and allocating resources. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Mark Matthews
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Mark Matthews Law
Seminole, FL

"If there's a magic formula for getting unstuck, getting clear, moving forward, and succeeding wildly, Becky has it. I've exceeded almost all of my objectives with her. The interesting thing is that I don't quite exactly know how it happened. Becky isn't a drill instructor, and most of what we did didn't feel like work. I was also shocked at the opportunities that seemed to appear for me as a result. 

FOUNDER, REthink compliance co
Denver, co

I think everyone should love their Monday mornings.
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