Becoming a satisfied lawyer can be a mystifying prospect.

Your law school probably wasn’t clear that your success and fulfillment is significantly harder than hanging out a shingle.

What’s frustrating you about going to the office?

—-Do you want to be even more over-the-top productive, but no matter how many hours you work, you feel like you are always trying to get out from under? Are you flat out and is the pressure constant no matter what?

—-Are you worn out spending chunks of your work day taking care of numerous non-lawyerly tasks (like marketing and admin) that are a time suck and frankly, someone else should be doing? How many hours a week do you spend on this stuff?

—-What percentage of your time each week is uninterrupted by distractions and dedicated to completing lawyerly work (billable hours)? What should this % be?

--Do you have any regular time whatsoever to go hiking or running or how ever you like to take care for your body? How many nights in a week do you snuggle up with your son or daughter and read them a story? When is the last month & year you went for a get-a-way romantic weekend with your sweetie? How many hours a week do you have to hang out and literally doing nothing (gasp) until you feel like it?

—-Are you at your wits end, not able to take cases that are indeed “hostile” and demonstrate a pattern of “repeated” harassment because previous cases were wrongfully dismissed or upheld by higher courts?

—-Which current laws are ticking you off? Are you so busy practicing law that you have no time to change the inadequate and unfair laws that exist?

---Are you stuck in a loop of, “He said, she said”? Or, are you worn out from yet another case with the now common defense, “But, it was consensual.” Maybe you are facing credibility issues?



Anyone experiencing these irritations can feel like you’re walking in molasses.

Ineffective. Discouraged. Unsuccessful.