Being a lawyer can be tough work. Exhausting work. What frustrates you about going to the office?

---Are you at your wits end, not able to take cases that are indeed “hostile” and demonstrate a pattern of “repeated” harassment because previous cases were wrongfully dismissed or upheld by higher courts? Which current laws are ticking you off?

---Are you bogged down with administrative or marketing work instead of doing lawyerly work?

---Are you stuck in a loop of, “He said, she said”? Or the annoying, “It was consensual.” Maybe you are facing credibility issues?

---Do you want to be even more over-the-top productive, but no matter how hard you try, you feel like you are always trying to get out from under?

---Do you deserve a little time for yourself?


Anyone experiencing these issues can feel frustrated.

Ineffective. Tired. But you don't have to!