Is this your life?

You know you have to do something, but what?

Your practice feels like a grind and not only do you hate Monday mornings, you don’t like Sunday evenings either.

You’re paying the bills, but you are very unhappy. You can’t just give up but how do you change course? You have obligations.

Are you thinking, if this is what practicing law is like, I don’t want to be a lawyer for the rest of my life?

You know things aren’t working as they should be. Perhaps you’re thinking that becoming a satisfied lawyer has become a mystifying prospect. Are you doing it all wrong and you don’t even know it?

You think back to law school and you don’t remember being told that running a profitable law firm and getting home for dinner should be significantly harder than hanging out a shingle.


Is this all there is after law school? Is this your life?

Are you:

Ineffective. Discouraged. Unhappy.